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AtYya "Proproprioception" Living Light Remix is out now! 

My new remix of AtYya's "Proprioception" is out now on the new "Depth Perception Remixes Volume 2" compilation ~ also featuring the beautiful works of Jafu, Liquid Bloom, Drumspyder, anchor hill, Yaima, Noetik, Mbanza, Sporradik, and Spirit Travelers. Check it out! :)



New remix of Machine 475's "The Sun Will Shine" 

Big blessings! Living Light here, and I have a treat for you. Two years ago, when I did a Kickstarter for my "Tales from the Karman Line" two part album, I offered a remix as a reward for two of my top supporters. I am happy to say that, after two years of work between myself, the original artist, and a mastering house, my remix of Machine 475's "The Sun Will Shine" is now available in not one but two different versions, along with it's original track, as a 3 part remix EP available at https://machine475.bandcamp.com/album/the-sun-will-shine-single-remixes-by-living-light

This super uplifting track, so if you're feeling down, this should bring some light into your day. 

Living Light is more than just an incredibly talented and intelligent musician, she is a role model to any female looking to break into the music scene. ”

— Jexime Xandra Vardan, All the Machines

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