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Fall & Winter 2019 Update 

Greetings everyone! And welcome to what I hope to be a quarterly update of all that I am up to!
Europe was amazing, and ever since coming back to the US, I have hit the ground running, touring the East Coast. This fall has been nothing short of a dream, from headlining Asheville Music Hall, Heartfire Festival in NY, and Equinox in Maine, to opening as direct support for Ott in Providence RI, going on tour as direct support for Bluetech in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Cleveland, Boston, and Philadelphia, and soon returning to headlining NYC and opening as direct support for Random Rab in Denver, followed by flying down to Guatemala to play multiple sets at Cosmic Convergence Festival at Lake Atitlan, teaching Music Production at Shakti Sound Costa Rica, and returning to Envision Festival Costa Rica for the first time in 4 years! 

Living Light & Bluetech, live at The Middle East 11/8/2019 - photo credit Kyle Rober

In this studio, this summer and fall has seen the release of many official Living Light remixes, including Bluetech's "Helix", Saafi Brother's "2046", Globular's "Dasien" and soon to be released Youth & Gaudi's "Black Crow Dub", Momentology's "With The Tribe", Kai Altair's "Compass" and Fünf D's "Change Is Coming" along with a strong start on the next Living Light release "Supernova" (more on that coming soon). What's more, I was just hired by Facebook to produce an original Living Light track called "Deciduous" for it's marketing section in which anyone can use my track for their advertising! And if you're into Niantic's "Ingress" augmented reality game, you can find three soundtrack pieces that I've produced this year in a roving art installation that is being used as a game portal. Whaaaat? :D To stay up to date with all these neat things follow Living Light on Facebook, Instragram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify at https://sptfy.com/livinglight

And if you'd like to connect on a deeper level, consider joining my online Facebook group Living Lighter at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1781761542136184/ where I talk about music, art, magic, dreams, podcasts, science, health, mediation, and all the good things! 

And if you'd like to like to be an active part of helping to make all this happen, plus get great perks like music production videos, sneak peaks at my works in progress, free tickets to my shows and festivals, free music, and so much more, consider becoming one of my beloved patrons at https://patreon.com/livinglight :)

I hope you are all enjoying an easeful shift into your next season (be it winter or summer where you are) and thank you for continuing to support all that I do!


Hello Europe! 

Greetings listeners!
I am excited to announce that I am bringing my music to THE NETHERLANDS this August at Psy Fi festival!!
This is my first European appearance as Living Light in what I hope is many more to come :)
See you on the dancefloor!

New remixes for Saafi Brothers, Bluetech, Globular, new online group, and more! 

Greetings everyone!
Great things have been happening in the Light Lab all winter than are just beginning to sprout.
First up is my remix of Saafi Brother's "2046" on Liquid Sound Design's Saafi Brothers Mystic Cigarettes remix album.
Nab your copy here!


Also in the works are official remixes for Bluetech, Globular, Kai Altair, and more - to be announced soon!

What else? I have a facebook group!
More than just a fan club, Living Lighter is a facebook group where I can conenct with listeners, and we can all share discussions about things that lift us up, from nutrition to yoga to good books, art, and more! Living Light isn't just about us all being made from exploded stars, though that's also part of it. It's about living light as opposed to living heavy. Living joyfully as opposed to living stressed, depressed, and angry. Living your days fully, truly embracing life, allowing for magic, and following your bliss, no matter what your circumstance, and self-cultivating the health and energy you need to make the changes you want to see in the world. So I have created this little online oasis to work in a similar way as I hope my music does - a space that we can come to time and time again to re-plug into positivity, magic, and the exciting mystery of life.


And last but not least, I am excited to announce that I am bringing my music overseas for the very first time this August! See next post for more info on that ;)
Love and light, light beings!

AtYya "Proproprioception" Living Light Remix is out now! 

My new remix of AtYya's "Proprioception" is out now on the new "Depth Perception Remixes Volume 2" compilation ~ also featuring the beautiful works of Jafu, Liquid Bloom, Drumspyder, anchor hill, Yaima, Noetik, Mbanza, Sporradik, and Spirit Travelers. Check it out! :)



New remix of Machine 475's "The Sun Will Shine" 

Big blessings! Living Light here, and I have a treat for you. Two years ago, when I did a Kickstarter for my "Tales from the Karman Line" two part album, I offered a remix as a reward for two of my top supporters. I am happy to say that, after two years of work between myself, the original artist, and a mastering house, my remix of Machine 475's "The Sun Will Shine" is now available in not one but two different versions, along with it's original track, as a 3 part remix EP available at https://machine475.bandcamp.com/album/the-sun-will-shine-single-remixes-by-living-light

This super uplifting track, so if you're feeling down, this should bring some light into your day. 

Living Light is more than just an incredibly talented and intelligent musician, she is a role model to any female looking to break into the music scene. ”

— Jexime Xandra Vardan, All the Machines

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