New remixes for Saafi Brothers, Bluetech, Globular, new online group, and more!

Greetings everyone!
Great things have been happening in the Light Lab all winter than are just beginning to sprout.
First up is my remix of Saafi Brother's "2046" on Liquid Sound Design's Saafi Brothers Mystic Cigarettes remix album.
Nab your copy here!

Also in the works are official remixes for Bluetech, Globular, Kai Altair, and more - to be announced soon!

What else? I have a facebook group!
More than just a fan club, Living Lighter is a facebook group where I can conenct with listeners, and we can all share discussions about things that lift us up, from nutrition to yoga to good books, art, and more! Living Light isn't just about us all being made from exploded stars, though that's also part of it. It's about living light as opposed to living heavy. Living joyfully as opposed to living stressed, depressed, and angry. Living your days fully, truly embracing life, allowing for magic, and following your bliss, no matter what your circumstance, and self-cultivating the health and energy you need to make the changes you want to see in the world. So I have created this little online oasis to work in a similar way as I hope my music does - a space that we can come to time and time again to re-plug into positivity, magic, and the exciting mystery of life.

And last but not least, I am excited to announce that I am bringing my music overseas for the very first time this August! See next post for more info on that ;)
Love and light, light beings!